Earn money with your Motorhome or Caravan

Share your motorhome or caravan when you are not using it.
Fully insured, without hidden costs. Whenever you want!

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Earn every week and provide families the joy of a two-week camping holiday per year!


Sharing with Camptoo

Isn't it a shame your RV or caravan isn't used that often?

You can share it through Camptoo with the highest service.

Place your ad, get requests from travelers and decide who, when and for how much your rent out. Free!

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The advantages of Camptoo!

Your advantage

Earn money with your motorhome or caravan by renting it out to others. Leaving it unused would be a shame wouldn't it? Calculate now how much you could earn!

Everything in own hands

Stay boss of your motorhome or caravan. You choose who sets off with your motorhome or carvan, when he/she can leave and how much you earn.

Fully Insured

Send the lessee off fully insured, no worries for you nor the lessee. The motorhome/caravan as well as the lessee are insured. More about insurance here.

Camptoo service

Camptoo takes care of lessees, paperwork and finances. As an owner, all you have to do is enjoy the benefits Camptoo has to offer.

How it works

1. Place an ad

2. Receive requests from lessees

3. Accept requests and earn!

Renting out always produces earnings!

Camptoo only calculates a price for the days that you rent out. This way it does not cost you anything but produces earnings! On top of your price, Camptoo charges the lessee with a 15% fee of the total price. Camptoo does not make you pay to create and advertisement nor does it cost you anything when you refuse a request. Renting out thus always provides money!

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Camptoo support

Camptoo verifies the lessees

Lessees are fully checked by Camptoo. From ensuring an appropriate license to insurer's black lists, you do not have to worry about the reliability of lessees.

Lessees pay a deposit and deductible excess

Renters pay a bond of $1500 for a motorhome and $1000 for a caravan, which covers the insurance excess per incident.

Camptoo takes care of finances

Camptoo ensure that all the payments are done, including the deposit before the lessee can set off. After the first renting day, you will receive your desired amount on your account. This means you do not have to wait for your money.

Camptoo gives you advise about the insurance

Camptoo helps you to find a good insurance. We will have a look with you, to see which insurance best matches you and your motorhome/caravan.

Earn your motorhome or caravan back this summer!

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