Service stations

With Camptoo you can hire a unique and well maintained caravan or motorhome from fellow campers!

  • Spotless and well maintained - Completely cleaned inside and out, refilled with gas bottles, toilet chemicals and cleaning kit. This is how you can expect Camptoo motorhomes and caravans before departure
  • Professional collection and issuance - Reception with coffee, required explanation of the caravan or motorhome and the insurance forms
  • Damage control and recovery - Any known damage are monitored and recorded by photo. If any damage occurs, the service will provide instant recovery
  • Cleaning of the exterior upon return - As the lessee you will need to clean the inside on return. The service station will clean the exterior
  • BOVAG overhaul - Camptoo motorhomes and caravans are rented with a service of up to 12 months old, when necessary cared for by service station.
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