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Why rent out my campervan with Camptoo?

Ranked #1 for private campervan hire, Camptoo is a leader in its field. With thousands of vehicles listed and tens of thousands of nights booked under our belt, you are in great hands.

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How to earn money with your camper

Did you know that, when your campervan is not being used, you could be missing out on earning over GBP1,000,- per week? Give someone else the chance to enjoy the fun of a camping experience and reward yourself in the process.

Decide for yourself what you want to earn

Whether you only want to rent one out of three weeks in the summer or 20 weeks a year, you can set the price and availability the way you want.


Paid quickly and securely

Renters are screened extensively. The payments and deposit all go through Camptoo’s automated payment system.



Create an ad within 10 minutes and receive requests with explanations from renters as to who they are and where they want to go. Decide for yourself which applications you accept.

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Thousands of owners have already take the step and have experienced what it is like to rent out their campervan or caravan via Camptoo.

""See what it's like to get a little cashback from something that you have sitting around doing nothing.""
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Who is Camptoo?

  • 10,000+ campers and caravans rented out
  • 200+ new owners per month
  • Millions of dollars earned yearly

Camptoo’s founders Martijn, Joep and Roel have personally experienced how difficult it is to rent a camper in the summer. Since 2014 they have been developing the platform together with a community of owners and are on a mission to allow everyone to enjoy nature and freedom.

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Camptoo: the 'Airbnb for campervans'
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Don't miss out on bookings, renters often book well in advance of the holiday periods. Start sharing your camping pleasure.

Create an advertisement free of obligation in less than 10 minutes, meet interested renters and decide for yourself who you are happy to hire your vehicle to. Do you want to give it a try?

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