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Isn't it a shame that your motorhome is just sitting in your driveway?

Rent it out with Camptoo and be part of our amazing community.

Place your ad, get requests from potential renters and have full control over who you rent it out to. The best bit: our service is absolutely free!

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The advantages of Camptoo!

Your advantage

Earn money with your motorhome or caravan by renting it out to others. Leaving it unused would be a shame wouldn't it? Calculate now how much you could earn!

You decide

Stay in the driver's seat. You decide who sets off with your motorhome or carvan, when the renter can pick it up can and how much you earn.

Fully insured

Rent out your motorhome or caravan fully insured. Both you and the renter can set off relaxed and stress free. More about insurance here.

Our service

Camptoo takes care of lessees, paperwork and finances. As an owner, all you have to do is enjoy the benefits Camptoo has to offer.

How it works

1. Create a listing

2. Receive requests from renters

3. Accept a request and earn money!

Renting out always generates an extra income!

Camptoo adds its service fee on top of your nightly rental price. Therefore it's the renter that will pay the Camptoo service charge. Creating your advertisement is at no cost for you. It also doesn't cost you anything if you decide to reject a booking request. Listing your motorhome and renting it out is absolutely free and generates an extra income for you and your family!

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Our service and support

We check and verify all potential renters

We run extensive background checks on all our renters so you don’t have to worry about their identities.

All renters pay a security deposit to cover your excess

Renters pay a bond of $1500 for a motorhome and $1000 for a caravan, which covers the insurance excess per incident.

We manage all the secure payments

Camptoo ensures that all the payments (incl. security bond) are transferred before departure. After the renter sets off to his adventure, we will send the money straight to your bank account.

We provide the paperwork and help with all insurance related questions

Camptoo provides and pre-populates all necessary paperwork like rental agreement, transfer form and checklist and many more. In addition to that we help you sort out all insurance related questions.

Start earning money with your motorhome or caravan today!

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