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Hire a campervan or motorhome last-minute in 3 easy steps

Nothing booked for your next holiday and looking for a last-minute trip? Rent a campervan or motorhome and experience freedom and flexibility. Easily find a last-minute campervan or motorhome to hire close to you and chase the sun! During holiday periods there is a lot of demand, so make sure to book as far ahead and quickly as possible. Booking is done in three simple steps:

1. Find your perfect vehicle
We offer a wide range of campervans and motorhomes to rent which can be reserved last-minute: Check out the available vehicles for the upcoming months. We have thousands of RV's to rent throughout the UK and Europe of different tastes and budgets. Some owners also offer an attractive last-minute discount.

2. Request a reservation
When requesting the reservation, you indicate when you want to pick up the campervan or motorhome. You will receive an answer from the owner within 24 hours.

Do you want to book your campervan immediately? You can. We have a wide range of campers that allow direct booking. This means you do not have to wait for the owner's confirmation and you can proceed with your booking immediately.

3. Easy and safe payment
The payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card. Once your payment is complete, you only have to pick up the camper and enjoy your vacation! You do not have to worry about anything because all our campers are properly insured. Camptoo take care of all the admin to make your payment, legalities and booking as safe as possible.

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Have a look at our supply of rental vehicles

  • from €97 per night 

    Heerlijk Tiny house op wielen ruimtelijk en helemaal van hout, met houtkachel

  • from €79 per night 

    Camper Odie - Bürstner T602

  • from €90 per night 

    Deze herfst nog op pad!

  • from €69 per night 

    Nostalgische originele Hymercamp 55 uit de jaren negentig

  • from €121 per night 

    4p Challenger met queensbed en krachtige 170 PK motor!

  • from €97 per night 

    Fijne comfortabele familiecamper!


Experiences of others

Sep 2022
Very correct owner, also flexible. When his and our data of start and finish were not quite compatible he offered to return the camper one week later, when he was home from his holidays. At no cost for us.

Sep 2022
The holiday went well, and most of all I had excellent assistance when the motorhome battery ran out. John was always very helpful and kind and helped me with everything. Thank you

Sep 2022
no problems, 2nd time we booked, will use again. Would just be nice to extend it to europe. However, your drop down menu here on the feedback page for holiday destinations... East Germany, really!? Please update. Also Scotland not available which is a shame as wild camping is allowed in Scotland but not everywhere in the United Kingdom, so again please update.