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Campervans near Kapellen

  • from €91 per night

    Camper Odie - Bürstner T602

  • from €99 per night

    Jonge Rimor XGO-camper , met volledige uitrusting

  • from €158 per night

    Nieuw zomer 2022 - Rollerteam 287 AUT. - Huisdieren toegelaten!

  • from €118 per night

    Ruime mobilhome te huur

  • from €158 per night

    Nieuw zomer 2022 - Rollerteam 267 AUT. - Huisdieren toegelaten!

  • from €84 per night

    Hymer mobilhome voor 2 personen

  • from €99 per night

    Compacte gezellige camper

  • from €96 per night


  • from €115 per night

    NBO 008 - Nieuwe gemakkelijke Luxueuze Mclouis Souvereign 481

    44De Klinge

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Aug 2020
It was easy to find a camper and the process was smooth. I would encourage the advertisers to put on pictures of all the beds and also details regarding 3 point seatbelts for travelling with kids that need car seats. We had some problems with one advertiser stating there were seats for 6 but it turned out there were no 3 point seatbelts in the back. Also I wanted to be able to change the currency to Euro from GBP but the system would not allow me to do this, multi currency and multi language are also important.

Jan 2020
It was very good your service. It was quite easy to find a caravan and to hire it. There was no trouble for the reservation process. It ran very well. Thank you

Oct 2019
The rental and search functions were easy to use and generally easy to follow. We had a bit of confusion about the bond and additional insurance but it was not an issue in the end.