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Hire a classic Volkswagen T1, T2, California or other types with Camptoo

Hiring a Volkswagen van for your trip is a very cool and unique experience and a very popular hire option. Not only for road trips, but also for weddings, events, promotional activities and festivals, these campervans are definite eyecatchers! 

It certainly makes us smile when we see one of these classic vans driving around. Volkswagen vans are style icons and loved all around the world, for their retro style and compact size. You can easily drive it around cities, or manoeuvre it onto a festival terrain. Whether an old T1 or T2 is your taste or you go newer with the T3, T4 or even T5, hiring a Volkswagen campervan is never a bad idea. Start your VW adventure today with Camptoo and enjoy the ultimate VW freedom!

Blue oldtimer T1 volkswagen campervan

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Hire an affordable campervan or caravan? It’s easy with Camptoo.

A unique range of rental motorhomes and caravans

Camptoo offers you the chance to hire a unique range of campervans or motorhomes from private owners throughout the UK. From 4 to 6 berth luxury motorhomes to cheap 2 berth campervans, from family holidays to festival trips, Camptoo will have the perfect rental campervan or motorhome for you to hire within your budget.

Always insured

All campers and motorhomes on Camptoo are fully insured during the rental period so you don’t need to worry, it’s all included in the price.

Easy hiring process

You are in direct contact with the campervan or motorhome owners so you can ask any questions before you rent the vehicle. Camptoo staff are on hand to answer any questions before, during or after your hire of the campervan or motorhome.


Classic volkswagen T2 campervan

About us

At Camptoo we love the freedom of travelling with a motorhome. Our goal is to let people share the joy and fun of travelling with a motorhome or caravan at their own pace. Because we think there is no better way to explore our beautiful country. Share your vehicle and hit the road with an amazing Camptoo motorhome!

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Martijn Peeters

Co-founder, CEO

I love being in the outdoors and I do think it’s a waste when those campervan and motorhomes are sitting idle on the driveway for so long. What gets me pushing further is to read these great stories of users that had an amazing road trip experience.