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Can I travel safely despite the Corona virus?

Your well-being is our top priority and our objective at Camptoo is to let you experience the freedom of a camper holiday carefree. Now that the world is dealing with an outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we realize that it is extremely important to live up to the trust you place in us.

We have listened to the needs of our users and check the updates of the WHO (World Health Organization) on a daily basis. We work with our team of developers, product specialists, community managers and customer service specialists to develop the right solutions, which I would like to share with you. 

 Before your trip

  • Don't have a paid reservation yet? At checkout, please choose the flexible booking option: this allows you to cancel free of charge up to 3 weeks before departure (9 weeks for specific vehicles)

  • Do you have a paid reservation? If you are leaving with a motorhome or caravan in the short term, it is important to check whether your travel destination is in a risk area. 

  • Should I change the dates? Camptoo recommends this for bookings departing before May 7, and also considers it prudent for bookings departing before June 1. You can change dates free of cost. Confirm a new date with the owner of the vehicle, this can be later in the summer, the same period next year or -if you don't know yet- temporarily change dates to f.i. November to avoid cancellation costs going up as time progresses. If you move the booking to a more expensive period, you only have to pay the difference. These are the steps:

    1. if you have an excess risk insurance, cancel this first in your booking overview

    2. in that same booking overview, click on 'I want to change my booking'

    3. fill in the new dates, and you'll see the new prices. Then click 'request date change'.

    4. The owner of the vehicle now gets your request. As soon as he/she confirms, you will receive a confirmation that the booking has been transferred to the new dates.

  • Cancel the booking instead? We recommend moving the booking, as this can be done free of cost at all times, but you are free to cancel. Cancelling a booking with a pickup date after May 7 is always subject to standard cancellation terms.
    If you want to cancel a booking due to start on or before May 7, the cancellation can also be done free of charge under a special claim to the Force Majeure exceptions. This allows you to convert the full payment done to date into travel credit.
    There are a number of rules for this:

    • You have really tried to set a different date with your lessor; basically, you have entered into an agreement together, and the lessor is entitled to cancellation costs if you cancel. The lessor may therefore also expect that you do your best to solve this together with the lessor. If it is not clearly visible (e.g via messaging) that you have tried in earnest to find new data, Camptoo can reject the appeal to force majeure.

    • Rental credit is valid until the end of 2021 and can only be used on Camptoo to book a new trip;

    • Rental credit cannot be refunded; if you wish to make use of this arrangement, you as a lessee agree to this, even if a trip is booked for a lower amount, the remainder will not be refunded but will remain as rental credit.

During your trip
Travelling with a camper or caravan has a number of advantages. This is how best to make the most of it: 

  • Take ample supplies and fill up the water tank. You have your own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with you, and only you can access.

  • You decide where and when you go outside the vehicle. This way you are not exposed to other people close to you (and the associated risk of infection). 

  • You have the freedom to go where ever you feel like going every single day and may be able to change your travel destination to another (safer) region. Follow the guidelines of the WHO and avoid regions with limited travel advice. 

  • Check your gas bottles in advance. With filled gas bottles and a fully charged battery, you are completely self-sufficient and you can camp away from larger gatherings and crowds.

After the trip
If you have any doubts about your health after the trip, please let the owner and the Camptoo team know. The well-being of our community remains our top priority. We work together with our owners and provide assistance so that measures are taken to return the vehicle clean to the next tenant. 

No booking yet but still want to book for the summer?
Like you, we also hope things will get back to normal soon and there's a safe way to book now and ensure you have a booking for when the holidays reboot: choose Flexible Booking at the checkout as an option, so you can still cancel free of charge up to 9 weeks (and on these vehicles even up to 3 weeks) before departure.

Unable to figure it out? Ask your question directly to our customer happiness team!

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