There is nothing like the freedom of a caravan

When are you going on holiday?

Rent a caravan

Want to escape the daily routine and be away from everything with your family or partner? That is possible!
You can drive to the prettiest places in Europe with your favorite caravan and enjoy the freedom and comfort you have!
Open up a bottle of wine in the evening, and dive straight into bed after a pleasant evening. No hassle with setting up a tent, you can sleep when and wherever you want. Experience ultimate freedom during your trip!

Hire a caravan, how does that work?

Your favorite motorhome is off course part of your ultimate caravan holiday.
You have a choice out of 134 privately-owned caravans at Camptoo. You can hire these beneficially, safely and easily at Camptoo.
You take four simple steps for that.

When are you going on holiday?