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VW t5 camper-van Bert

Volkswagen T5 | (2 ratings)

Brockworth, England, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Emma

Accepts 12% of requests


Year built:
km's included p/w:
110 km
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 23 years


Policy territory
Transport costs to garage and alternative accommodation and Breakdown service


The deposit for this camping vehicle is €1,250. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

2 Ratings

What a pleasure it was to travel with Bert. Everything was in really good condition and the handover was very thorough; Emma was absolutely charming and incredibly helpful. Bert was originally booked for WOMAD but with that being cancelled, we took the opportunity to do some family visiting and did "Driveway Camping". We had four of us on tour but only ended up with us parents sleeping in the camper as the girls were invited to sleep indoors. We even had our own NO-MAD festival with our nephew and his family. Bert is very comfortable for travelling and drives well; converting the back seat into the bed was straightforward and the bed was spacious and reasonably comfortable. The girls both had a look up top and agreed they would have been comfortable sleeping there. Our nephew's two little boys were totally taken with Bert and are now working hard on their parents to get a camper! The only thing I would change would be to have a long handled gas lighter as it is easy to burn your fingers trying to keep a small lighter aflame to light the gas. Thanks Em for letting us borrow Bert - sad to give him back! Robert & Pat PS Why don't Camptoo have "Excellent" for the top option on communication instead of just "Good"? - That was what Emma was!
My husband and I really enjoyed our weekend in this camper. Emma was very welcoming and gave us a thorough explanation and demonstration on how everything worked. It was immaculately clean and very comfortable for 2 but certainly room for 4. It was also very economical on diesel. We have nothing negative to say about this camper. Our only slight word of caution is that is does not have air con. This did not bother us but if you were traveling a long distance with small children in hot weather it might be an issue. However, we would definitely rent it again.