Mijn compacte Frankia camper

Frankia EMS | (4 reviews)

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Your host Jayanti

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5.80 m
2.10 m
3.15 m
Year built:
Tare Mass:
2300 kg
Gross Vehicle Mass:
2820 kg
Mileage included:
1250 km
Driver licence:




House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations not allowed
Festivals allowed
Minimum age: 23 years
Cancellation policy: Normal


Third party incl. fire and theft
Policy territory
Alternative transport, Replacement camper included, Accommodation following an accident, Towing costs and alternative accommodation (after an accident) and Roadside assistance


The security bond for this vehicle is €1,000. The bond will be refunded after your trip ended and needs to be authorized at least 2 days before your trip starts.

With our excess reduction insurance you are able to reduce the security bond to €350.

4 Reviews

We were very disappointed with the experience. The advertisement for this camper listed a generator, hot water, refrigerator, toilet, and shower among its amenities, but it had none of those things. There was no generator and we were not going to a campsite with power, so none of the other things worked. Also there is a toilet but she does not use chemicals in it so it can only be used for peeing. She told us we could just "shit in the woods". Jayanti denied that she had listed these items in the description but they were very clearly listed. Just before our trip when I was asking questions about the camper I discovered it didn't have these things, but by that point it was too late to get a new camper so we were stuck with it. Jayanti put ice packs in the refrigerator to keep our food cold but they only lasted two days and then we had no way to cool our food. About half of it spoiled and had to be thrown away. Jayanti offered no apologies for her false advertisement. Camptoo should remove this camper from their website as per their policies so future campers do not have false expectations.

Reply from Jayanti:

Dear Melanie, first of all I am very sorry that the rental of my camper did not meet your expectations. Forgive me my harsh English which is not perfect. May be I should have said please deposit your poo in the forest. I was tired and I could not find the right words. All what you missed was there though. You can shower and heat up the boiler but of course it is all quite primitive. Because we try to be responsable for nature we decided not to use any chemicals in the toilet, because this is very unfriendly stuff. Once I rented the camper to some people who used the toilet for everything and they put a lot of chemicals in the toilet. It did not help. The toilet stank for weeks and it took me lots of cleaning to get the stinge out of the toilet. That is why we ask the renters not to do their poo in the toilet and to clean it every day when they pee in it. Most people go to a camping and use the facilitiues there. Yes, I have a sunpanel so you can use 12 v. for light and to load you phone and tablet. I told you that. And no, the refrigerator only works on 220 v. Maybe I did not put that clear enough on my description so I now mentioned this explicitly so no more misunderstanding can occur. I never put on my description that there is a generator in the camper. I called Camptoo about this and they also could not see a generator listed, so I really dont know from where you got this assumption. All I can say again how sorry I am for your spoiled food. I don't feel this was my responsability. When I would go away for 4 days with a camper with only some coolblocks I would not buy any meat that can be spoiled and I would buy food that would last longer.
Kindly regards

July 2019

We had a very nice week with the camper, touring around Holland. Its size makes it very easy to drive and it is very well equipped with all the necessary kitchen utensils, table and chairs enough for a family of 4. Some minor repairs needed but that will not affect your holiday. Jayanti was very nice and helpful. Will do it again!

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