Bussie! Stoer en gezellig (wild)kamperen in deze Mercedes 409

Mercedes-Benz L409 | (1 review)

Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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Year built:
Tare Mass:
2700 kg
Km free:
2.0L 90pk (M115)
Driver licence:




House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals allowed
Non-Dutch licence allowed
Minimum age: 23 years
Cancellation policy: Normaal


WA + Beperkt casco
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Towing costs
replacement camper included
roadside assistance


The security bond for this vehicle is €1,000. The bond will be refunded after your trip ended and needs to be authorized at least 2 days before your trip starts.

With our excess reduction insurance you are able to reduce the security bond.

1 Review

Basically we are very unhappy with what the van and would recommend that this be withdrawn from use unless it is renovated properly or removed permanently from any future rentals. If we had seen the van prior to collecting it we would not have used it. We collected it on Wednesday evening to drive it Thursday morning, thus we felt that we had no option at the time and had to take it.

We appreciate that the van is approximately 40 years old but it is in very poor condition. Our concerns are as follows:

Driveability: the gearbox is need of attention, it can slip out of gear which is unsafe and it can also be difficult to put into gear, the worst being second gear. I repeatedly had to drive it one-handed while holding the gear stick in place, and this makes turning corners difficult and frustrating as the van is quite heavy. The seats are not that comfortable so for long distance driving (500+ km) it gets tiring and the seats can only be adjusted in a limited manner.

The seat-belt are the old waist type and probably will not meet current safety standards.

The seals at the bottom of the doors are completely gone and this adds to the noise, plus it also can make the interior dusty and dirty. We had to yell at each other to be heard which means that a potentially enjoyable and relaxing road trip which took 8 hours was spent with little conversation. We had the van for 5 days and spent two of those travelling, this does not make for a relaxing weekend away.

The van is very under-powered and even on gentle slopes it loses speed.

The internal fittings make a lot of noise particularly when driving at lower speeds meaning that the driving rapidly becomes something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

The passenger door cannot be opened from the outside (the owner is aware of this and mentioned it during the introduction).
The speedometer does not show the correct speed - the owner explained that they changed the wheels for bigger ones thus you are going 9% faster than indicated. This is odd and a speedometer that is so wrong may be illegal.

Safety: There is a small fire extinguisher, this has no test or inspection date so it may not be suitable for use.
The seat belts are old, worn and may not be the proper type.
The emergency exit has two handles, one is rusted in the shut position and cannot be turned, even with the other handle turned it is not easy to open.

Finishes and appearance: Sections of the ceiling were missing, door seals are completely perished and in many places actually crumbling so this adds to the noise.

The van is not waterproof and when it rained the bed was wet both from the doors at the end and the ceiling so we spent a wet and uncomfortable night on Thursday.

The internal paintwork is very sloppy, there are several areas of visible rust and the windows have moss growing in them ! This was described to me as adding 'character'. I would simply call it dirty.

The bench seat behind the driver seat was damaged and could not be sat on at all, the deck chairs which were supplied were quite worn and also stained.

The driver and passenger windows do not open or close easily.
The couches at the end which form the bed have old and worn covers.

General: many of the switches didn't work properly, they have to be pressed multiple times to work which indicates old, worn or damaged parts.

Value for money: very low.

Would I rent this van again or recommend it to a friend: No. Emphatically no. Not at any price

Rating: out of 10 I give it a 2