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Jelly Bean

Mitsubishi Delica | (5 ratings)

Hereford, Wales, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Graham

Responds within 7 hours
Responds to 90% of messages
Accepts 82% of requests


2.8 m
Year built:
Included travel distance/week:
1750 km
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals not allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 23 years


Policy territory
Alternative transport, Accomodation costs in case of repairs, Transport costs to garage and transport costs to alternative accommodation and Breakdown service


The deposit for this camping vehicle is €1,250. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

5 Ratings

It was Jelly Bean's first trip out for the season and unfortunately there were mechanical issues that delayed the start of the trip by a couple of days. However, Graham also has a (very upmarket) holiday let which he kindly allowed us to stay in whilst Jelly Bean was being repaired.

It's fair to say that Jelly Bean is showing her age in places, and setting up the lower bed is slightly awkward (but very comfortable with the mattress topper provided).

There is only an electric night heater which is great if hooked up, but not useful if you're off grid (we just ran the engine for a short while when getting cosy on cold nights). There was also an issue with the water tank, again probably due to it being the first outing of the season.

On the whole the interior is functional (the on board loo is very useful with current restrictions preventing campsites opening communal facilities) and once we'd adapted to the compact dimensions, we were comfortable as a family of 4.

Despite the issues, Jelly Bean totally charmed us overall and we enjoyed the holiday. Absolutely amazing to drive, I love sitting over the front wheel like an old VW. She copes well with bumpy tracks, windy lanes as well as motorways (she can overtake lorries with relative ease). The speedo is in kmph (and seemingly slightly underreads, maybe due to the aftermarket wheels?) so I'd recommend a sat nav/Google Maps which shows correct speed in mph to avoid any confusion (or speeding tickets!).

We'd definitely like to hire her again some time.
We had good communication and pleasant welcome by Graham. Hand over with verbal instruction however, we find the jelly bean to be very tired interior and exterior. It had an excellent running gear . It would benefit from having written instructions about the whole workings of the vehicle in English rather than Chinese as we were new to this type of holiday. We find essential aids such as reversing camera, navigation system was not in working order. Finally should this campervan be updated to modern standard we wouldn't hesitate to recommend and on this occasion it was not value for money. Linda and harry .

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