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Beautiful Ford Transit campervan conversion


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Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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    750 mi





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This is a beautiful campervan, converted from a high-top Ford Transit. Fully-equipped, it has a rock n’ roll bed that folds up for dining seats or 2 extra passengers if on the move (with seatbelts). There is a cassette toilet, a diesel heater. The kitchen is well stocked with pans, utensils, full dinner set and real mugs! There is a double hob, sink, running (cold) water and a 3-way fridge. A great sound system which you can listen to when you’re on the move or static. There is a dining table, with seating for 4 that can also be used outdoors, with a special standalone base. And loads of storage space. It has a large solar panel on the roof, and a double leisure battery, as well as 240V inverter, so you can easily power low wattage items such as laptops and mobile phones. This van has been lovingly restored and renovated over the last couple of years; I’ve had parts of it re-painted, it has been freshly carpet-lined throughout, and the curtains are homemade. I’ve provided as much as I can to make things as easy as possible for you, the hirer. This van is truly one of a kind, so what are you waiting for? KITCHEN There is a sink and 2 hobs with a 3-way fridge and small freezer (this means you can run it on gas, 12V when driving, or mains) It’s generously equipped with pots, pans and utensils, all ready for cooking. An extractor fan Running (cold) water A beautiful dinner set, and real mugs to drink from! The kitchen cupboard have sensor lights in them, so you can easily see what you’re doing, even when it’s dark Even washing up liquid, brushes and cloths are all provided to make things as easy as possible for your holiday Table and seating for 3 - 4 in the living space (using 1 camping chair to seat 4) There is also a stand-alone base for the table, meaning you can use it inside or outside the van! No need to use up space storing a separate table. SLEEPING AREA A rock n’ roll bed in the back measuring 111cm by 173m, which can be folded upwards for dining seats, and for taking an extra 2 passengers (fully fitted with seatbelts) All the bedding is provided – an all-seasons duvet means you can adjust the thickness depending on the temperature (2 duvets popper together) Electric blanket (please note you can only power this when you have electric hook-up on a campsite, or someone's driveway) Hot water bottle There is a little hanging shelf next to the bed that is ideal for placing a cup of tea or other small items. Solar lights provide a lovely atmosphere in the evening, being less bright than the main lights. This could easily sleep an extra child or two as the space between the bed and the front cab is 112cm, with the space between the bed-legs being 70cm. Some people bring an accompanying tent instead. UTILITIES & EQUIPMENT Solar power and double leisure battery supply 12 volt sockets, plus an inverter means you can use 240v appliances. Whilst in winter, you will have to be a bit more conservative, in the summer the solar panel gives you plenty of power, so you can charge phones, laptops and similar items easily. Decent Sound System, and with switch in the front cab, you can choose it to run from the leisure battery, so you can listen to music / tv / podcasts at any time with great sound quality – without having to worry about running the engine battery flat. Eberspacher diesel heater – this heater really packs a punch, so if you have the van in winter, or a colder summer’s day, you can stick the heater on, and in minutes you will be nice and warm. This van has been incredibly well-insulated. Under every bit of carpet-lining is another layer of insulation, the panels have all been well-packed, making this an ideal winter hire van. Whilst at the same time keeping it cooler in summer on those scorching days. Electric Hookup – This means that when you are at campsites, you can connect to mains power (normally for a small surcharge), and run the fridge, and all other items from the mains. Mine is a standalone unit which has to be fed out of the front window, rather than embedded into the van. Wheel wedges – If you are parked on uneven ground, then you can use these wheel wedges to make the van more level. This is especially important when using the fridge on gas, as it doesn’t work as well if the van is sloping. Solar shower – Please note this is an outdoor item that can be hung from a tree or similar. Mirrors – there is a mirror in the main van space, and one on the bathroom door. Both of these mirrors have strip lights at the top and bottom, so are perfect for doing your make-up. Picnic blanket Large Windbreak 2 x camping chairs A really good quality windshield, for added privacy, and extra insulation (this will keep you cooler in summer, warmer in winter). This is one that you attach from inside the vehicle, so no getting wet in the dark if you arrive somewhere late and it’s raining. I’ve left lots of useful things in the overhead cabin – a box of cleaning supplies, a box of things like tape, rope, fuses, string, an extra water carrier, a set of play-mats – great if you have little ones, or can be placed under the picnic blanket when outdoors for added comfort! PLEASE NOTE, if you don't have electric hook-up, you probably will only get one use of the heater per day in Spring and Autumn BATHROOM The bathroom cubicle is much larger than you’d normally find in campervans (measurements) (though fairly narrow) and has a cassette toilet. There is no running water in the bathroom, but there is hand gel available from a pump on the wall. STORAGE This van has LOADS of storage – an overhead cupboard (situated above the front seats), plenty of space under the bed. There is a box seat which provides even more storage, (which is also fully collapsible), a large storage net on the roof, and several smaller storage nets situated around the van. The kitchen has hanging storage boxes which you can set up when you are static (the light blue hanging boxes you can see in the photos). There is also a hanging shelf next to the bed, where you can easily put cups of tea or other small items. There are small hooks all over the ceiling, from which you can hang lighter items. One hanging storage net is provided which is great for small items of clothing. There is a small rope supplied that you can hang from hooks to create a clothesline. Using these hooks, you can design the space to make it work for you. All of the cupboards, and the space under the bed (as you access it from the back doors) have motion-sensor lights to make it really easy to find what you’re looking for. The great thing about these lights is that they are magnetic, and so easily removable if you want need to use them as a torch. SAFETY I’ve done everything I can to make this van as safe as possible. It has a GAS SAFE safety certificate (the same level that landlords have to provide). There is a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarm. There are vents in 2 of the windows, as well as sliding opening windows, ensuring you can keep the van well ventilated. I have provided a metal sheet to place behind the hob when it is in use. This is not only to protect the curtains, but to keep you safe. Make sure you use it at all times. All of the curtains and bed upholstery have been sprayed with a fire retardant spray. TRAVEL Although this van is fully insured to go to Europe (and can be hired by those with European driving licenses as well as UK), at the moment I only have UK breakdown cover provided until the 23rd July 2022, with Local Recovery, Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery and Home Assist. If you're interested in travelling to Europe before this date, do contact me. If the trip isn't very short, I could potentially cancel this policy and take out a new one. My location is perfect for exploring the South Downs (10 mins drive from collection point). Go and see The Long Man of Wilmington or Beachy Head. My location is also only an hour or so from Hastings and Rye. In the other direction along the coast, the New Forest is an hour and a half’s drive from my location. If you’re happy with longer journeys, you could keep going and explore the Jurassic coast and head to Devon or Cornwall. The great thing about doing this in a van is that you don’t have to do it all in one day! I once spent a week driving to Plymouth, stopping at lots of interesting places along the way. The Newhaven ferry port is only 25minutes drive from me, and the Portsmouth ferry is an hour away (slightly more during peak travel times). There are also lots of great campsites locally, like WOWO. I can drop the van of for you at such a location. It’s an easy van to drive, so if you’ve never driven a van before and / or are feeling a little nervous, this Ford Transit would be a great choice. PARKING Free and safe parking is available while you have my van on hire. I live on a private road. It is very quiet and safe. DO Please treat my van with respect at all times. Please return the vehicle clean, and fully refuelled. Please empty and clean out the toilet waste container correctly before returning the vehicle. DON'T smoke inside the vehicle. Ever leave the hob unattended. Hang anything too heavy from the ceiling. There are plenty of hooks available for you to hang things like storage nets (one hanging storage net provided), or other similar items. Please only place relatively light items in the ceiling storage net, or from the hooks on the ceiling. Drive too fast – although this van is very easy to drive, and does reach speeds of 80mph and over without problem, remember that if the water tank is full (and the petrol tank), and it’s full of belongings, your stopping distance is GREATLY increased. For your own safety, please drive responsibly. Drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Ever turn on the hob to try and heat the van. This is how people get carbon monoxide poisoning. Some pets will be allowed, but please note there will be a surcharge of £50 for extra cleaning. *There is a £40 surcharge for each extra driver* Festivals are allowed, but by prior agreement. Please note - I am a single Mum, so I may not always be able to reply to messages immediately. Please bear with me. I normally will be able to reply to you by the evening.


  • Toilet
  • Kitchen unit
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Heating
  • 2
    Berths(Double convertible bed )
  • Side facing seats
  • Dining area
  • Cooking set
  • Crockery
  • Barbecue Set
  • Camping table
  • Camping chairs
  • Camping plug
  • Solar panels

House Rules

  • Suitable for:

    • Families
    • Festivals
    • International driving licenses
    • Pets
    • Sporting events
    Drivers aged 23+
  • Not suitable for:

    • Smoking
    • Snowy destinations

Cancellation policy:

Please treat my van with care and respect at all times. Thank you Please return it in the condition it was given to you, and with the toilet tank emptied and rinsed, and with a full tank of diesel. Some pets will be allowed, but please note there will be a surcharge of £50 for extra cleaning. Festivals are allowed, but by prior agreement. No smoking inside the van please. A £1 traceable payment needs to be made directly for the purpose of fulfilling insurance requirements. Until 23rd July 2022, I only have UK breakdown cover. However, please contact me if you'd like to travel to Europe before then, as I can potentially adjust the policy before that date.


Policy territory:



  • Alternative transport
  • Accomodation costs in case of repairs
  • Transport costs to garage and transport costs to alternative accommodation
  • Breakdown service


The deposit for this camping vehicle is £1,000. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

Rented out by Charlotte

Responds within 1 hours·Accepts 67%

4.5 (out of 4 reviews)

July 30

My wife & I were invited to attend Latitude festival at quite short notice to help out on an installation with a friend, that led to some frantic searching for a camper that was available & not ridiculously expensive. I had never heard of Camptoo but when we saw Charlotte's van we knew it was the one for us, I was very happy when she approved our hire of it. There were a couple of technical hiccups with the van in the lead up to the hire period but Charlotte's excellent communication & honesty led me to have total faith in these getting sorted, I felt I could trust her. It is an older vehicle but drives very well, the nine hours of travelling (in total) were easily achieved and it did us exceptionally well for the four day festival, solar power & the toilet being particularly beneficial. It is stocked full of just about everything one could need; cooking & cleaning equipment, useful storage, lights, tools and so-on. We live with a very large, very white & very hairy cat whose fur ends up all over our clothes & I forgot to take our lint roller, so to find a clothes brush in one of the storage pouches was great - it really felt like a home from home. We had a great time, the van was perfect for our needs & Charlotte was nice to deal with.

July 15

I had a lovely time in Charlotte's camper. It was well equipped, easy to drive and made for a fun time as a novice camper. Charlotte was super organised and a great communicator, nothing was too much trouble. She even left a few little extras to add a little sparkle. I would definitely hire this van again.

April 24

We had a lovely time breaking out of lockdown. As we were certainly self contained in Charlotte s camper van . It had everything you could possibly need for two . Clear instruction boiler when we needed support and knowing she was just a call away meant we could relax and enjoy the countryside-we usually camp so good to have a toilet . Charlotte was really helpful and I’m sure we will do it again


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3 night(s)

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Pick-up location: Brighton

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