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Jul 2022
I found camptoo from some guy on fb amd I loved it! Easy, nice staff who will help you with anything also through mail and phone. Nice option during pick up and leaving car. Nice!

Jul 2022
Experience working with Camptoo was good, especially being able to get insurance in the UK w/o prior experience. The search worked well and there was a good selection of vans.

Jul 2022
We had a great experience with Teun’s Campervan. So convenient that it was fully equipped, it even provided a mosquito repellent and net, which was of great use in Lapland during the summer! We had extraordinary weather so we mostly stayed outside and just used the van for sleeping. However, the interior also serves as a great space for possible rainy or colder days. Charging phones and running the included small fridge worked well with the second battery at any time. The communication with Teun was wonderful and meeting him in person was a blast. Overall, would highly recommend!

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